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Congregation Shaare Zion

Minha/Arbit Times for Week of 1/25/2015

  1. 1:00 = Annex (Minha Only)
  2. 4:00 = Synagogue #3
  3. 4:30 = B'nei Shaare Zion
  4. 4:45 = Midrash 
  5. 5:00 = Annex (Arbit Only)
  6. 8:45 = Terrace Room (Arbit Only)
  7. 9:00 = Terrace Room (Arbit Only)
  8. 9:30 = Terrace Room (Arbit Only)
  9. 10:00 = B'nei Shaare Zion (Arbit Only)
  10. 10:05 = Breakfast Room (Arbit Only)
  11. 10:15 = Synagogue #3 (Arbit Only)

New Books by Hacham Baruch Benhaim, Z"L

The Hacham Baruch Memorial Foundation is proud to announce the launch of a new series of sefarim based on Halachot and Minhagim from Hacham Baruch, Z"L. The first volume has just been released with many more to follow.

click here for more information.

Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef Visits Shaare Zion

Please visit our new album in our photo gallery to see pictures of Hacham Yitzhak Yosef's first visit to Shaare Zion as Chief Rabbi of Israel.

Article on the History of Shaare Zion

Click here to view an article from Community Magazine describing the history of Shaare Zion.

Click here to view pictures of the building under expansion in December 1958.

Special thanks to Mr. David E. Cohen for providing the information.

Hazzanut by David Shiro

click here to view Hazzanut videos by Hazzan David Shiro.

Classes from our Rabbis

click here to hear classes from our rabbis as well as many rabbis of our community.

Sat, 31 January 2015 11 Shevat 5775