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TC Live - New Virtual Learning Platform 

Due to the covid-19 outbreak Shaare Zion Torah Center created TC Live; a website comprising all of our virtual daily shiurim along with frequent guest speakers. 

To learn more or to sign up to receive updates via whatsapp please visit us online at 


New 2021 Youth Program Brochure

We are proud to introduce our brand new brochure listing our various classes and programs for our Youth.

Click Here to view the 2021 Youth Program Brochure.

Special thanks to the Jewish Communal Fund (JCF) for generously sponsoring the brochure as well as for their continuous great work that they do for our community and the Jewish World.

To learn more about the JCF please visit

Daf Yomi Schedule

  1. We are proud to offer a variety of options for the Daf Yomi program.
  3. Click Here to see the schedule of classes offered. 

Shabbat Special Speaker Series

We are proud to host the most prominent speakers in the world to share inspiration with our Kehilla regularly in the Joe and Celia Esses Dome. In the Spring and Fall we will host speakers weekly before Minha and in the winter on a periodical basis. Men and Women are welcome to attend. 

To join our email list and keep up to date with the schedule of speakers please email and request to be added to the list. 

Habrutah Night - Every Tuesday Night

Our Torah Center recently launched Habrutah Night every Tuesday night at 9:00pm in Syn #3. This program is open to all people that would like to come and learn on a weekly basis. 

For more information or to join this wonderful new program, please email Rabbi David Nakash at

Torah Minds - Growth Through Structured Learning

Our Rabbis recently launched a new innovative learning project giving 6 week courses on a variety of topics. All applicants must register in advance. 

This learning program gives you an opportunity to master a certain topic through structured learning. 

For more information please visit 


New Amud Weekly Learning Program 

Our rabbis recently launched a new learning programming uniting dozens of other synagogues in our community. It is called Amud Weekly. Every week another Amud in Gemara will be finished until the entire Masechet Berachot is finished. 

To learn more info or to see the full schedule please visit the website at

SZ Connect - New Matchmaking Service

Shaare Zion is proud to announce the Launch of SZ Connect. This is a new matchmaking service open to all members of the community. 

Click Here to view the the launch letter with additional information. To learn more please email 

Hazzanut by David Shiro

click here to view Hazzanut videos by Hazzan David Shiro.

Classes from our Rabbis

click here to hear classes from our rabbis as well as many rabbis of our community.

Article on the History of Shaare Zion

Click here to view an article from Community Magazine describing the history of Shaare Zion.

Click here to view pictures of the building under expansion in December 1958.

Special thanks to Mr. David E. Cohen for providing the information.

Tue, January 19 2021 6 Shevat 5781