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2018 Selihot Schedule

Click Here to view the selihot schedule.

2018 High Holiday Reservations

The office is now taking reservations for the high holiday seating. Please contact the office to make your reservations:

  1. Dome - Sarah
  2. BSZ - Ramona
  3. Social Hall - Emily and Joyce
  4. Vatikin - Joyce
  5. Annex Minyan - Joyce
  6. Young Adult - Sarah
  7. Kol Torah - Sarah
  8. Tent - Sarah
  9. Midrash - Sarah

New 2018 Youth Program Brochure

We are proud to introduce our brand new brochure listing our various classes and programs for our Youth.

Click Here to view the 2018 Youth Program Brochure.

Special thanks to the Jewish Communal Fund (JCF) for generously sponsoring the brochure as well as for their continuous great work that they do for our community and the Jewish World. 

Torah Center Ladies Class Schedule

  1. Our Synagogue an extensive program for ladies of all ages.
  3. Click here to see the 2016/2017 Schedule of Ladies Classes.
  5. Classes are in Memory of Rachel Bat Shulamit, AH.

New Books by Hacham Baruch Benhaim, Z"L

The Hacham Baruch Memorial Foundation is proud to announce the launch of a new series of sefarim based on Halachot and Minhagim from Hacham Baruch, Z"L. The first volume has just been released with many more to follow.

click here for more information.

Article on the History of Shaare Zion

Click here to view an article from Community Magazine describing the history of Shaare Zion.

Click here to view pictures of the building under expansion in December 1958.

Special thanks to Mr. David E. Cohen for providing the information.

Hazzanut by David Shiro

click here to view Hazzanut videos by Hazzan David Shiro.

Classes from our Rabbis

click here to hear classes from our rabbis as well as many rabbis of our community.

Mon, August 20 2018 9 Elul 5778