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Rabbi Shaul J. Kassin, ZL

Rabbi Shaul J. Kassin was born in Jerusalem in 1921 to Chief Rabbi Jacob Kassin and Rabbanit Mazal Kassin. When he was a young boy he lived in Jerusalem with the greatest Rabbis of the generation. At the age of 12 he emigrated with his family to America where they settled in Bensonhurst while joining the Sephardic-Syrian community. Rabbi Kassin learned in various yeshivot and received his semicha in Yeshivah University.

In 1945 Rabbi Shaul Kassin married Frieda Seruya and together they had eight children. While serving as a rabbi in the community, Rabbi Kassin taught in Magen David Yeshivah for over thirty years and instilled the love of Torah and Halacha into all of his students. He also served as the secretary of the Sephardic Bet Din, assisting his father with various cases that were brought to his attention. For many years Rabbi Kassin and his wife taught marriage classes and Hilchot Niddah to brides and grooms throughout the community. He was very instrumental in the construction of the very first mikveh in our community while even assisting the workmen in carrying cement in order to build in his quickly so it can be used by the community. This was an example of his love and passion for our Torah and Mitzvot. He also authored a book call Light of the Law, giving the community guidelines for Torah and mitzvot.

After Rabbi Jacob Kassin's passing in 1994, Rabbi Shaul Kassin assumed his fathers leadership role and led the community for the remainder of his life. Throughout his years as Chief Rabbi he stressed tolerance, unity and respect for all people regardless of their background and religious observance. He led the community for decades with a strong hand and a strong heart.

In 2018 after a few months of illness, Rabbi Kassin passed away at the age of 97. He was fortunate enough only a few weeks earlier to march in the wedding of his youngest grandchild and being able to witness the weddings of all his grandchildren. His funeral was held in Brooklyn and was attended by thousands of people. Following the funeral he was flown to Eretz Yisrael where he was buried on Har Hamenuhot.

Rabbi Kassin dedicated his life to the spiritual growth of our community and will always be remembered for his humility, compassion and love for our entire community. He leaves behind an illustrious family that is carrying on his legacy with commitment to teaching Torah, giving sedaka and working constantly to advance the spiritual growth of the community. May his memory be blessed forever.


Written by Joe Mansour 

Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved. Congregation Shaare Zion.

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